Monday, November 28, 2011


ok... guess I needed a breather, and, well it took a bit of digging to remember my password stuff.... yikes! but I am back, and will be posting new pics and fun stories. The kids are big, and aging fast... the clock is in the count down phase for Austin living with us... yeah, next august he will be 19 and headed on a mission!! ...and after he leaves, its just a matter of a few years 'till Eric and I are down to 2 kids and then none!!! Its shocking, and I think if I keep reminding myself of these changes, I feel like I will be somewhat ready when it all happens..... I think.... so here goes!!
SMILE... its the best part of the day!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Celebration time


BESTEST COUSINS EVER!! "Reaga & Talulah"

Sweet Logan, always waiting for the cake eating time!

My Natey John- our very own entertainer!

* Big "G" * Reaga * Natey * zoo zoo *

Big "G" and his little gang!